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Sectional doors

Sectional doors are made of high quality materials guaranteeing comfort and ease of use. Their vertical opening is the perfect space saving solution - extremely suitable for installation near sidewalks, streets or large halls. We offer a perfect combination of quality, design and price.

All of the essential components we use are with high quality and comply with the endurance standards. The profiles are galvanized and painted, which protects them from corrosion. We use the latest production and mounting technologies as we know our product must guarantee reliability to our clients.

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Sectional doors practically have no box, i.e. they are being mounted on the inner side of the opening and slide through the ceiling or vertically upwards without getting rolled up. On one hand this allows the whole opening to be functionally used and on the other – to be built aesthetically /for example: in the form of an arc/ to harmonize with the general building appearance.

Design and materials

With their fine lines sectional doors can often serve as an elegant addition to the exterior design. The sectional doors of SBI Group have high quality and easy to clean surface.

At your desire profiles can be narrow or wide.

Narrow Profiles

Wide Profiles

sec3 Sectional doors with thermal insulation are suitable for work premises or for premises directly connected to your home or your office. We use steel thermo panels, which are sound proof as well.


Our sectional Doors mechanism is safe and ensures their smooth and silent operation. The seals we use are permanently elastic and weather resistant. For the installation of sectional doors we use torsion springs.

• Stable radio frequency
The radio frequency used to put in motion the sectional door has a stable range, so you can operate directly from your vehicle.

• Automatic block-system:
- for protection of detachment - for blocking the door in case of an obstacle - for blocking when the power supply is cut

• Emergency unblocking

Charity and Donations

Each month SBI Group donates a percentage of its turnover for charity.