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SBI - In Development

SBI GROUP SBI GROUP is one of the leading Bulgarian companies for production and installation of security roller shutters and garage doors.

It might sound unusual for a business organization, but since our establishment in 1998 we have made a lot of friends – saying friends I mean clients as this is part of the main philosophy of our company. Clients look for our services and products as they want security and comfort – we understand it and make it happen by offering trust, quality and high professionalism.

One of our main goals is to increase gradually the company’s market share without compromising on the quality or our recognition as a leading company for security roller shutter and garage doors. We aim to be competitive on each service level as part of the whole cycle of activities we offer - from consultancy and design to warranty and post-warranty service.

We continually bring in innovative products and new services. Technical inspection is indeed one of them. As for example, industrial doors orders involve more complicated tasks and require more precise performance, technical inspection is absolutely mandatory.  

Except services we develop our products as well so we can meet the increasing user demand. We invest in elaborating new details which will help for improving our existing products. Currently our team of engineers works on a project for a new garage door type, which we believe will be innovative enough to turn into a market hit.

We are working for the creation of a showroom and a new factory so our clients can get to know the products that we offer and view the production cycle. We own two terrains in Sofia – one is placed on Blvd. “Evropa”, near the showroom of Citroen – there we will take orders form the Sofia region. The other one is located near Elin Pelin  - the good infrastructure of the place will help us serve other country regions.

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Charity and Donations

Each month SBI Group donates a percentage of its turnover for charity.