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Rolling doors

Rolling doors are a premium protection solution for business and commercial premises. We offer a perfect combination of quality, design and price.

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All of the essential components we use have high quality and comply with the endurance standards. The profiles are galvanized and painted, which protects them from corrosion. We use the latest production and mounting technologies as we know our products must guarantee reliability to the clients.

A thermal insulation solution is also available for your Rolling door. It is suitable for working premises or for premises directly connected to your home or your office. We use steel or aluminum thermal lamella.

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Industrial thermo rolling doors


Elegant design.

With rolling doors the light opening is used most effectively. The box is not visible from the outside (as it is with the security rolling shutters), which contributes for the simple and elegant façade appearance.

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Silent operation

One of the most important features we highly value is the silent operation of the rolling doors.


In case of unexpected failure SBI Group will provide an adequate service just in time so as to avoid causing discomfort to its customers.

Special solutions

We offer custom solutions for your rolling doors of your preferred size and design.

If you would like to order a customized rolling door, we only recommend that you consult with an authorized representative of ours beforehand. Thus we can guarantee the robustness and proper functioning of the components.

Charity and Donations

Each month SBI Group donates a percentage of its turnover for charity.